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You didn’t fail your last diet,

your diet failed you!

Clients come to me because they are tired of general weight loss advice that simply doesn’t work. In my London clinic in Harley Street, I use proven weight loss techniques, individually tailored to each client. We are all unique and personalised approach is needed in order to achieve the best results.

Weight Loss Obstacles

Common causes of weight gain

Weight loss is not just about the calories and exercise

I do nutrition differently. I help my clients lose weight through hormonal balance, digestive, and metabolic health. My approach is unique, and so are my clients. Understanding the link between diet and disease, I take a holistic and functional medicine approach, addressing the root cause of your weight loss issues, instead of simply focusing on the symptoms, as well as addressing your diet, sleep, exercise, and stress levels.

Weight loss is one area where the ‘one size fits all approach’ does not work. My focus is on the individual, looking at the whole person from the inside out. I work with each client to provide a custom plan, (including weight maintenance) that is safe and effective. Each plan is unique and based on your health information and blood test results.

My approach allows to identify the underlying causes that are acting as obstacles which must be addressed before weight loss can be achieved. This approach not only allows you to lose unwanted weight but more importantly allows you to achieve overall health.


I highly recommend the professional nutritionist services of Milena Kaler. Her experience combined with clinical education helped me with my food intolerance. Milena adapted a special diet to my lifestyle. I improved my health, figure, and well-being.

Iwona CiechanowskaConsultant in e-advertisement and PR for small businesses in SW London

Milena has tailored a special diet to suit my busy lifestyle. This has resulted in improved health and loss of weight. I would Highly recommended Milena if your serious in looking for a more professional, in depth weigh loss plan.

Andy Dupen

When it comes to health and nutrition, Milena is a real expert and her nutrition and lifestyle advice is easy to follow. She has really helped me keep up a healthy lifestyle while maintaining a very busy life. I feel so much healthier and have more energy.

Chris QuintenActor, London

I can highly recommend Milena and her services. I had an appointment with Milena last year. She explained to me everything in detail, checked my health and recommended what I should change with my lifestyle and eating habits.

When I started her recommended recipes and exercises, I started to feel better with lots of energy.

I still keep up my healthy food and signed up for pilates and yoga classes.

Kasia WatrobaCompany Secretary, London

    review rating 5  I’ve been going to Milena with problems with my stomach , over the past 4 months . Milena has done wonders for my health never felt so much better !!! Still working progress but nothings done in a sort time right !!! Milena knows her job inside and out which I never had from my local doctors or hospitals .. Milena has put me on the right road to being normal which I haven’t had in years ... I would highly recommend going to see Milena, she’s very easy to talk to and give you confidence to getting better .

    thumb Bank Boy Ben stevens

    review rating 5  I can’t recommend Milena enough. She has been amazing with me and really helped me on my journey to having a relationship with food again and to get to the root of any health problems i suffer. She is really caring and non judgemental and great to talk to and installs such positivity at all times. Thank you Milena for all you do

    thumb T

    review rating 5  Everything Milena suggested helped me reach my goal, in 6 months I was lighter, stronger and had dropped a dress size in time for my wedding. Melina provided a tailored meal plan that includes lots of great recipes, she suggested ways I could improve my fitness and overall welling-being. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend Milena as a nutritionist - I only wished I had found her earlier

    thumb Kischa Ayton

    review rating 5  Milena's knowledge base is broad and deeply impressive, as is her ability to help you set and achieve specific goals. She's helped me in a way that I'd been struggling with for years. I earnestly recommend her services.

    thumb Delmar Terblanche

    review rating 5  I couldn't recommend Milena more highly! After just 2 sessions, I have been supported to achieve 5 kg of weight loss, shiny and clear skin, control of my binge-eating, improved mood and reduced stress levels. Thanks to Milena's clear, simple, and tasty recipes and shopping lists, planning and cooking has become easy- with me cooking meals 90% of the time - something I never could have anticipated. I especially love Milena's Maca balls recipe! Milena's approach examines and adapts meal plans to make them manageable with a busy lifestyle, developing a plan which I can maintain. Milena has helped me to find strategies to cope with emotional eating, as well as finding creative substitutes for foods I typically overeat to help me better balance my diet. The continuity, feedback and accountability from the bundle of sessions has been invaluable to me, as Milena has adapted my plans to better suit my life with each session. Thank you!!

    thumb Eva Evangelou

    review rating 5  Milena has changed the way I think about food and also improved several physical symptoms I was experiencing with her tailored plans. I feel so much more full of energy, and also better able to make wise decisions about what I am putting into my body. It has really been transformational for me.

    thumb D B

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Milena! She is extremely professional and friendly. Her approach is unique. Within only a few weeks from our first consultation, thanks to her advice and the meal plan that Milena has tailored to my needs, I have already made great progress. The meal plans' features are incredible, such as the high-quality meals' photos, the shopping list, and Milena's clear recipes.

    thumb Elena Galbusera

    review rating 5  I was initially apprehensive to come in for my session but it was 100% worth it! Milena is really knowledgable, friendly and easy to communicate with. I received my meal plan quickly and in only a few weeks after my session I can feel positive results. Book a session with her and you will not regret it.

    thumb Charlyn

    review rating 5  I highly recommend Milena. She has created a really good and tailored meal plan for me, and help eating better implementing a lot of things that I wasnt eating before. Receipes are very interested and easy to make, this is important is if you have a busy life, it will give you a lot of organisation I have achieved good result bd lost weight considering my autoimmune tyroid she has given me a tailored plan also to heal and make thyroid work better .

    thumb elisa catalano

    review rating 5  Milena has tailored a special diet to suit my busy lifestyle. This has resulted in improved health and loss of weight. I would Highly recommended Milena if your serious in looking for a more professional, in depth weigh loss plan.

    thumb Andy Dupen

    review rating 5  I highly recommend the professional dietitian services of Milena Kaler. Her experience combined with clinical education helped me with my food intolerance. Milena adapted a special diet to my lifestyle .I improved my health, figure, and well-being.

    thumb Iwona Ciechanowska

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