Laboratory Tests

Why Laboratory Tests?

When it comes to your health, my motto is “testing – not guessing”. During your consultation, I will assess if there may be any need for you to have further laboratory tests done to provide scientific evidence about your health and get a better understanding when it comes to your health and nutrition plan. The tests may include your gut function, hormone levels, intolerances/allergies, nutrient deficiencies and more.

I use tests that can be done via your GP, and advanced functional laboratory testing via established private laboratories (the same laboratories used by private GPs) such as Medical Express Harley Street, and Genova Diagnostics. I am very aware of the costs of some of the private laboratory testing, therefore I will only recommend private testing if I believe that it is really necessary to test.

All test results are discussed during a consultation and copies of test results cannot be forwarded to you until you have seen me regarding your results. This is the rule of the pathology laboratories and it is in your own best interest to make sure you get the correct information.

Below is a list of the most common tests:

Routine Blood Test

Female Hormone Profile

Male Hormone Profile

Thyroid Function

  1. TSH
  2. FT3
  3. FT4
  4. Anti-TPO antibodies (Thyroid Peroxidase Antibody)
  5. Anti-TG antibodies (Thyroglobulin Antibody)

Allergy Testing

Stool Testing

A comprehensive stool test for pathogenic bacteria, parasites, inflammation, digestive function, integrity of the gut lining, as well as the balance of friendly and unfriendly bacteria in your gut.

Adrenal Stress Profile




Vitamin D

Fasting Glucose