10 benefits of weight training for women

Weight training, also known as strength training, has traditionally been associated with men, but over the years, it has become increasingly popular among women. The benefits of weight training for women cannot be overstated, as it can help women achieve their fitness goals, maintain healthy body composition, and prevent many chronic diseases. 

In this blog post, I will explore ten benefits of weight training for women from a Nutritionist’s perspective.

1. Increases muscle mass and strength

One of the primary benefits of weight training is that it increases muscle mass and strength. As women age, they tend to lose muscle mass, which can lead to a decrease in strength and an increase in the risk of falls and fractures. Weight training can help counteract this loss by building muscle and improving overall strength.

2. Boosts metabolism

Weight training can also help boost metabolism, which is essential for weight loss and weight maintenance. When you lift weights, your body continues to burn calories even after your workout is over. This is because weight training increases muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories at rest than fat.

3. Improves bone health

Weight training can improve bone health, which is crucial for women, as they are more prone to osteoporosis than men. When you lift weights, you put stress on your bones, which stimulates bone growth and increases bone density.

4. Reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Weight training can also help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as diabetes or heart disease. This is because weight training can improve insulin sensitivity, lower blood pressure, and reduce inflammation, all of which are risk factors for these diseases.

5. Helps maintain healthy body composition

Weight training can help women maintain a healthy body composition by reducing body fat and increasing muscle mass. This is important for overall health, as excess body fat has been linked to numerous chronic diseases.

6. Improves posture and balance

Weight training can improve posture and balance, which is essential for women as they age. When you lift weights, you strengthen the muscles in your back, shoulders, and core, which can help improve posture.

7. Increases energy levels

Weight training can increase energy levels by improving cardiovascular function and increasing overall strength. This can lead to improved endurance and reduced fatigue, allowing women to perform daily activities with greater ease and efficiency.

8. Boosts confidence

Weight training can also boost confidence, as it can help women achieve their fitness goals and feel more comfortable in their bodies. As women build muscle and strength, they may also experience improved body image and self-esteem.

9. Enhances sleep quality

Weight training can enhance sleep quality, which is essential for overall health and well-being. Exercise has been shown to improve sleep quality by reducing stress and anxiety and increasing the production of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that promotes relaxation and sleep.

10. Provides variety in the exercise routine

Finally, weight training can provide variety in women’s exercise routines, which can help prevent boredom and keep them motivated. Weight training can be done using various equipment, such as dumbbells, barbells, resistance bands, and machines, and can be easily customized to suit individual preferences and fitness goals.

Exercise & Fitness Disclaimer

When starting any type of exercise routine, it is important to consult with your doctor first, especially if you have any underlying health conditions. Your doctor can help you determine if the exercise is safe for you and can provide any necessary modifications to ensure that you can exercise safely.

Milena Kaler is a is a qualified London Nutritionist, autoimmune disease, digestive health, as well as stubborn weight loss (including PCOS, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis and hypothyroidism) and sports nutrition specialist. She is trained in the principles of Functional Medicine and practices from her clinic in Central London, Marylebone, as well as providing online consultations

Milena has helped thousands of people to lose weight and keep it off. Scientific and holistic in approach Milena looks at all aspects of a client’s health. She embraces a systems-oriented approach aiming to get to the root cause of health and weight issues instead of simply focusing on the symptoms.

Milena’s expertise has been sought by celebrities, and she has been featured as a nutrition expert in reputable magazines including Women’s Health, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Women’s Fitness, Peak Brain Training, and Metro.

As a full member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT), and the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the only register for Nutritional Therapy recognised by the government and NHS, Milena is committed to upholding their strict Code of Ethics. Additionally, Milena is a member of the Primary Care Society for Gastroenterology (PCSG).

Milena sees patients with chronic health conditions, as well as clients looking for support to optimise their health. Some of the areas Milena can help with include: weight loss, digestive, hormonal, autoimmune diseasemenopause, and skin health.

Milena sees every person as an individual with different problems and different goals. She takes time to listen to her clients’ specific concerns to develop customised nutrition and lifestyle plans, based on laboratory test results. Having overcome her own chronic health and weight loss issues, Milena really understands how it is to feel overwhelmed by poor health and can relate to her clients when they first come to see her.

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