Nutrition Consultations London and Surrey

I offer private nutrition consultations in person in my Central London clinic in Mayfair, and Teddington in South West London. If you can’t make it to the clinic, online Skype video consultations are available from the comfort of your home or office. I also offer home visits in Central London and Surrey. All client information is treated strictly private and confidential.

I do not have a one size fits all approach. Each consultation is structured in a specific way to give you the personal attention, care and support you deserve, in order to get to the root cause of your health issues.

Please contact me to book your first consultation.

What To Expect From Your Nutrition Consultation

Before Your Initial Consultation

Upon booking your consultation, I will ask you to fill a Health Questionnaire with Terms of Engagement and 3 Day Food Diary. The questionnaire must be returned to me via email for preliminary analysis at least 48 hours before the initial consultation. This will help me identify possible dietary and lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your health concerns, as well as build a picture of your health history.

Initial Consultation

Initial consultation includes:

  • I will use the questionnaire as a base for further investigation of your medical history, medications, diet and lifestyle. I look at your medical history from your birth up to today, the interaction between different body systems, signs of nutrient deficiencies and chemical imbalances, food intolerances and/or allergies, genetic predispositions, toxic exposure, emotions, as well as lifestyle and environmental factors.
  • An explanation of my understanding of your health concerns
  • Discussion of foods that may be contributing to your symptoms
  • Suggestions of foods that may help alleviate your symptoms
  • Initial nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations to follow for 4 weeks before returning to the clinic for your follow-up / test results consultation.
  • A discussion of your treatment timeline
  • Analysis of any blood test results you may have (within the last 3 months)
  • Recommendations for NHS and functional laboratory tests
  • Tongue and nail analysis (if needed)
  • Body measurements such as waist etc. (if needed)
  • Your blood pressure may be checked
  • Current medication and nutritients interaction evaluation (if needed)
  • Referral letter to your GP (if needed)

When it comes to your health, my motto is “testing – not guessing”. During your initial consultation, I will assess if there may be any requirement for you to have further laboratory testing done to provide scientific evidence about your health and get better understanding of your whole picture. I use tests that can be done free of charge via your GP, and advanced functional laboratory testing via established private laboratories (the same laboratories used by private GPs). I am very aware of the costs of some of the private laboratory testing, therefore I will only recommend private testing if I believe that it is really necessary to test.

Follow up Consultations

Follow Up consultation includes:

  • Review and explanation of any test results
  • Review of your progress
  • Nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations for the next stage of your treatment
  • Review of your symptoms
  • Addressing any new symptoms
  • Review of your food diary
  • Body measurements (if necessary)
  • Recommendations for further NHS and functional laboratory tests (if needed)
  • Referral letter to your GP (if needed)
  • Current medication and nutritients interaction evaluation (if needed)

Follow up consultations are an opportunity to ask any questions that are related to your ongoing programme and discuss any changes that you are experiencing. They are very important to keep you motivated and on track.

Most patients benefit from at least one follow up consultation. For complex health issues and weight loss clients, it may be necessary to work together for a longer period of time. Follow up appointments are scheduled every 4 weeks.


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Nutrition Consultations via Skype

An online consultation is available for clients who live outside the London area or who are unable to come to my office in Central London.