I’m Milena Kaler, a Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist and Naturopathic Practitioner in London and Surrey.

I understand how it is to feel overwhelmed by poor health. I can relate to the hopelessness and frustration associated with unresolved questions. I also know the relief that comes with identifying and addressing the root cause. I experienced first hand the healing power of nutrition and lifestyle changes to improve my health and I have also seen incredible results in my clients.

My Approach

My practice and approach is unique, and so are my clients. I take a deep interest in your needs, health goals and aims, looking to find the best natural solutions for you. During your consultation, you will see that I listen carefully to understand your specific concerns. My goal is to understand the whole picture of your health and develop nutrition and lifestyle plan that is personalised, realistic and effective.

I believe that good nutrition is not as simple as getting the recommended intake of nutrients every day, and it is about having a diet tailored to your unique needs.

I also believe that good health is not only about nutrition. I have a very particular  interest in psychoneuroimmunology (mind-body connection looking at links between the mind, nervous and immune system). I always look beyond just the body, I look at all aspects of your health, including emotional/mental level.

Milena Kaler

Milena Kaler

Milena Kaler MSc, Dip Nat Nut, mNNA, mGNC, rCNHC